1MAIN AUDITORIUM30001200600₦4,500,000.00
2BANQUET HALL20001000500₦3,500,000.00
3HALL 1700400350₦1,900,000.00
4HALL 2500250120₦1,400,000.00
6HALL 4 (LAST FLOOR)150100100₦500,000.00
7PE NT HOUSE300150100₦600,000.00
8BANQUET HOUSE25012070₦300,000.00
9CONGR ESS HALL25012070₦300,000.00
10OPEN SPORT BAR25015070₦200,000.00
11WEMA BAR-403030₦100,000.00
12AU HALL353025₦80,000.00
13SYNDICATE(ROOM A}504035₦200,000.00
14SYNDICATE(ROOM B)301530₦200,000.00
15SYNDICATE(ROOM C)301530₦200,000.00

Other charges

  1. Cleaning fee of ₦80,000.00 (other Halls) and ₦100,000.00 (Gallery & Basement Halls}
  2. Corkage fee of ₦300 per head for food and drinks.
  3. Please read and sign the terms and conditions before concluding your transaction.
  4. Money paid is subject to cancellation charges on the change of date and outright cancellation of event

Please, Note that inclusive rates means addition of 7.5% VAT


  • Reservation made without payment may not be honoured after 2.00pm
  • Reservation cancelled before 5.00pm will attract only 20% inconvenience charge on room rate while hall cancelation 48 hours to the date/time of the function attracts 50% of the total function amount.
  • Guaranteed reservation will be applied after 2.00pm if guest did not cancel or defer the reservation
  • Any guest who pawns his/her properties to the hotel for an outstanding bill forfeits such property after one month if the outstanding bill is not paid